Prophetically it appears we are at the very end of History as we know it, pointing to the second return of Jesus Christ. When he shall reign down a kingdom with no end, ruled in righteousness!  I feel compelled to pose this most important question to you today. And that question is is your name in the book? And I am refering to the Book of Life. The only way to get your  name in there is to receive Jesus Christ free gift of salvation! I hope before you finish this video you make up your mind if you have not already to do so, because I asure you time is almost up, and it’s even sooner for some than others for death is a certainty! and we must be saved before we draw our last breath. I hope you enjoy my video The Lord bless your ears to hear what the Spirit would say unto you.​

2 thoughts on “Is YOUR NAME in THE BOOK?

  1. first of all I want to make a quick edit I do not have editing software and I’m using a cell phone for most of my work but I made a statement in the beginning of my video I used the term so-called mass murder I believe. And I am not refuting the fact that people did not die my mind was on getting the question at hand is your name in the book so I want to clarify I am not refuting that multiple students died. I truly believe people died down there what I am saying is I believe that it is a false flag and evidence pending, many truth reporters online have found ample reason for us to believe that crisis actors are being used down there and that this was a false flag that is being used to push gun control in the United States of America. I also will go ahead and say if you are a gun control advocate you are entitled to your feelings and opinions but I do not care to even have a piece of a discussion with you. I believe the Second Amendment is vitally important for us to remain a free Nation! and again I want to apologize I sure am not meaning to disrespect the loss of life and the dear precious families that are having to deal with such loss!I honestly and earnestly pray for each and everyone of you!


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